Ace writing

Capital Letters


Jamie has written a letter to his friend Hoani.  Read the letter carefully as Jamie has forgotten to use capital letters.  Put capital letters where Jamie should have put them. 


7 harehuka drive


12 january 2002

dear hoani

I have really enjoyed living in Wellington since june.  I have made some friends at my new school, which is Rata School on Paremata street.  My teacher is Mrs rapana.  She is all right.  In our classroom we have a pet mouse called mr snow.  It is my job to clean the mouse house on tuesdays.

We have visited lots of interesting places like the museum, te papa.  I went to see rugby at the Westpac Trust stadium in september.  It was awesome to see Jonah charge down the field.

I am still playing rugby.  i play for the norths rugby club now.  We train on wednesdays.  My new friend Callum is in my team too.

Would you like to come and stay with us during the next holidays?  I hope you will.  say hi to all my old friends, especially to everyone at whenuapai rugby club.

Your friend



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