Day: February 24, 2023

Ace writing

My Perfect Holiday!

WALT:  create a piece of narrative writing using descriptive language.


Instructions: You are going to create a narrative about a perfect holiday that you would like to have with your family. You can go anywhere in the world that you like, this can be as imaginative as you like.



Who are the main characters?
Where is your family going on holiday?
What is one activity that you are going to do on your holiday?
What is another activity that you are going to do on your holiday?


Start writing here:

→ in my holiday me and my family went to Austra to see my casein, in australia 

    We went on a plane it was and 8 hor flat we got of the plane, we took a car

     To my auntie house we got same food on the way to my auntie ,house 

      Win we got to my auntie house we went to sleep for a little bit and then

      We woke up and then i play with my little casein we wore playing tag

       We sat down on the coat we wore watching tv with m little casein

        We went in to the car so we can get same food we went to 

         Tow to go get same food and so we can get same shoe 

          For me and my little casein went to the show shop and

          Got same show and then we went to go get same food

And we went sleep