Year: 2023

writing task

Recount: Marshmallow Challenge

WALT: structure a recount using detailed and descriptive language.
When people read this recount they should feel interested and excited. This week we have been finding out all our new topic for the term and you are going to create a recount about a fun marshmallow challenge that we did as a class. Remember to use this helpful hints presentation to help you.

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First In the morning we waited for Miss Parrant to give out the rules. She said we have 15 minutes. Miss Parrant gave us the materials we needed like pasta, and the marshmallows. Our group decided to build the sky tower then we changed our mind to the eiffel tower.

Then Miss Parrant started the timer now. Our group decided to make the tower super stable so that it would not fall down. So we kept on building and building.

Next we used 5 marshmallows for the top and the other 5 on the bottom and we only had 9 more minutes until it was time to finish and then we were nearly done but there was only 5 more minutes.

After that Miss Parrant bringed the recorder over to us. We talked but made the Eiffel tower but it failed badly so we made some type of tent.

Finally we were finished and we showed it to Miss Parrant then the timer was finished and we sat on the mat.

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