Year: 2023

Ace reading

Matariki: Response to text
Answer and bold the correct answers for this response to text task
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When is Te Rā Aro ki a Matariki officially being celebrated this year?
a) June 16th
b) July 16th
(c) July 14th
(d) June 14th

When does Matariki reappear in the dawn sky?
(a) Between October and November
(b) Between June and August
(c) Between July and September
(d) Between June and July

How many stars does Matariki have?
(a) 6 stars
(b) 7 stars
(c) 9 stars
(d) 13 stars

Why do the dates of Matariki change each year?

What did our ancestors look to Matariki for?

Describe some of the way that you can celebrate Matariki with your Whānau: