Today in  cvbersamt   samrt wtih Mr Goodwin we learned how to make a Google slide  anmation jenga

and i maked a boat

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  1. Hi Ace my name is Nooroa I really liked how you made your animation you must had really fun doing what you have done. it looked like you had to do hard work for that. keep up the good work.

  2. Hello Ace My name is Emmanuel I like your animation. I like your backround it is good you got to learn how to do this animation good work keep it up

  3. Hi Ace
    I like your Google slide animation
    Did you think it was hard?
    I thought that making curve lines
    was difficult.

  4. Hi Ace I like your Animation boat that you did. did you think it was hard to make the boat by having to do the curve lines?

  5. Hi Ace I like your Google Slide animation Did you thinink it was hard i thought That making curve lines was difficult.

  6. Hi Ace l like your boat that you did. The water looks like the sea but moving fast for the boat can you fix the water and sun

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