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Kia ora my name is Ace. I am a year 6 student at Pt England school. My teacher is Miss Parrant. My favourite sport is T ball and one ofmy favourite subjects is maths. I have one sister and live with my Mum and Dad. I am 11 years and my hobbies are swimming. One of my favourite things to do is seeing family and I love the Cook Islands and I like the water slides and the water park. Please check out my learning and leave a positive comment on my blog.

Swimming Thank You Letter 2023


  • Sophia 


YMCA Glen Innes

122 Elstree Avenue

Glen Innes




Tuesday 21st November 2023


Dear Miss sophia

Dear Miss Sophi, Thank you for teaching me about safe entry in the water when it comes to life jackets. Also thank you for teaching me and my group to huddle in together. You are  a good teacher in helping me and encouraging me in ‘’Pretend Rescuing’’.


I’d also like to thank you for teaching me ‘’ Water Treading ‘’ at the pools. You thought lots of things so thank you for everything you taught me in my four days with you.


You were helpful so much to me and my group thank you for teaching me how to swim have a good day  


Yours sincerely,