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Recount: Immersion Assembly

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this week we are writing about the Immersion Assembly we had on monday


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→ this morning we had and a  Immersion Assembly today this assembly this is the first day of term two this Immersion Assembly is to see what we are learning for the term first team one   did and little movie they did and a tv show there tv show was about emotion there was four  emotion happy,sad,aryer,shy you have to chose one of the musics there are four you have to chose of it happy or sad you have to chose one

 . Team two did little movie it was on a story on the kiwi there was four birds the birds wear pukeko,wicca,kea,kiwi the tree are dying and one of the birds have to stay on the ground, all the other birds said no but kiwi.


Team three did a scene from matilda the scene that they did was when the kid has to eat the cake they started to sing and when the person started to eat the cake .team four did and act they got a paper and they had to do and body asksean you had to gust what emotion they are doing with their body parts. 


Team 5 did and act from a movie call cinderella but a little different cinderella was in the house and then her godmother came and then turn her into a princess and then she went to the ball and then when she ran she left her shoe and the her step sister switched the shoe and then the princes went to there house and then when he put the  shoe on the step sister he look a her and then he said to cut her head of and when cinderella saw her step cinderella did not like the princes so she went with a normal man.