When people read this recount they should feel interested and excited.


Plan of my paragraph topics: Use the right side to add in your planning

1. Introduction

3 sentences

Orientates and hooks

Makes the reader want to keep reading

Who: Duffy, Team 4 and Team 5

What: Duffy Assembly

Where: School hall

When: Friday afternoon

Why: To have fun and to learn about Duffy’s adventures.

2. Body Paragraph 1

3-4 sentences

What happened at the beginning of Duffy’s journey?

Duffy was at home and Stuffy came to visit. 

Duffy found stuffy a bit annoying and Stuffy couldn’t sleep

3. Body Paragraph 2

3-4 sentences

What happened to Duffy when he was in space?

Duffy found a worm hole and went into space and got stuck there. 

Duff-Zip and Stuff-Zip were there 

They had an adventure

4. Body Paragraph 3

3-4 sentences

How did the Duffy performance end? Did Duffy make it back?

Duffy made it back to his room and his book was fixed. 
5. Conclusion

2-3 sentences

Summarising the main points and sharing how you felt during the performance.

I felt happy because the performance was really great. 


Start Writing here


On a windy Friday afternoon at Pt England School Team 4 and Team 5 went to the  hall to go see the  


A show first duffy came back from school and then he put his bag down on the table and the he look at has space book 


And then his dad came in the room and he said that they wore going to have pizza for dinner and his dad said to duffy the your little cousin is here and then Stuff came in to say hi to his cousin 


And then  they look at the stars and then duffy dad said that  dinner was here and they went to dinner 

And then when they went back to there room And the Stuff cod not sleep And the  Stuff came to duffy room and sleep in duffy room And then duffy wok up and saw a black hole And went thro it and then


He saw Duff-Zip and  Stuff-Zip and got duffy home.        


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