Month: March 2023

Ace writing

Retell: Māui and the Sun
Walt: retell the myth and legend of Māui in our own words using descriptive language.


Beginning – how does it start?

Middle – what is happening?

End – how does it end?

Make sure you use descriptive language to make the story more interesting. Pull the readers in to read YOUR writing, make it fun!

Start your writing here:

→ Maui went fishing with his brother they went on a waka wen they got on the water the sun was already going down maui said did he go to slow down the sun
Maui and his brother are got to slow down the sun maui brothers was ages the plan maui brothers said what if we get bent bay the sun maui said that we well
Make rope from the leaves they got there hogs they went to war the sun sit

They went into forest and then they saw the sun sleeping they pot rope or the sun