Month: May 2023

Response to text: Samoan Language Week

Samoan Language Week
Response to text

Bold the correct answer (highlight then ctrl + b)

  • When is Samoan Language Week celebrated?
    a) June 1st
    b) July 4th
    c) September 15th
    d) December 25th

  • What is the theme for Samoan Language Week 2023?
    a) “Celebrating Our Heritage”
    b) “Preserving Our Language”
    c) “Embracing Cultural Diversity”
    d) “Be proud of your language and grounded in your identity”

  • What does “Mitamita i lau gagana, maua’a lou fa’asinomaga” mean?
    a) “Speak loud and proud”
    b) “Language is power”
    c) “Be proud of your language and grounded in your identity”
    d) “Learn and preserve your ancestral tongue”

  • Why is Samoan Language Week celebrated?
    a) To commemorate Samoa’s independence
    b) To promote tourism in Samoa
    c) To honor the country’s leaders
    d) To celebrate the Samoan flag day

  • What is the official language of Samoa?
    a) English
    b) Samoan
    c) French
    d) Tongan

  • How many volcanic islands make up the majority of Samoa’s land area?
    a) 1
    b) 5
    c) 9
    d) 12

  • What is the capital and largest city of Samoa?
    a) Pago Pago
    b) Nuku’alofa
    c) Suva
    d) Apia

  • When did Samoa gain its independence from New Zealand?
    a) 1871
    b) 1947
    c) 1962
    d) 2019

  • Which countries share maritime borders with Samoa?
    a) American Samoa, New Zealand, Tonga, and Wallis and Futuna
    b) Fiji, Vanuatu, and Solomon Islands
    c) Papua New Guinea, Australia, and Kiribati
    d) Marshall Islands, Micronesia, and Palau

  • What is the population of Samoa as of 2019?
    a) 50,000
    b) 100,000
    c) 150,000
    d) 197,097

Ace reading

Answer the following questions:

According to the article, what causes a star to die?

As its gases run out, it cools down.
It collides with other stars.
It can only live for about a million years.
As it gets hotter and hotter, it explodes.

Read this sentence from the story.
They’re the mysterious dead stars called black holes.
What is a another word that we could replace the word mysterious with?


In what ways is our Sun the same as other stars? How is it different from a dead star?

Which of the following statements is NOT a fact?

Black holes are dead stars.
Black holes have gravity.
Black holes are invisible.
There is nothing as mysterious as a black hole.

What happens AFTER a star dies?

It becomes invisible.
It falls to Earth.
It burns up all of its gases.
It becomes brighter and easier to see.
What might happen to our Sun billions of years from now?
Describe the process using details from the article.

Ace reading

What are emotions?
a) Physical sensations we experience in different situations.
b) Thoughts and beliefs about ourselves and others.
c) The feelings we experience in different situations.
d) Actions and behaviors we display in response to stimuli.

Which of the following is NOT a common emotion mentioned in the text?
a) Happiness
b) Surprise
c) Confusion
d) Anger

How do we express our emotions?
a) Through written words and letters.
b) By sharing our thoughts and beliefs.
c) Through facial expressions, body language, and voice tone.
d) By engaging in physical activities.

How can we understand others’ emotions?
a) By ignoring their feelings and focusing on ourselves.
b) Through empathy, paying attention, and communication.
c) By telling them how they should feel.
d) By dismissing their emotions as unimportant.

What is a strategy mentioned in the text for managing emotions?
a) Ignoring and suppressing emotions.
b) Avoiding situations that trigger emotions.
c) Taking deep breaths and engaging in positive distractions.
d) Blaming others for causing our emotions.

Why is it important to respect and acknowledge everyone’s emotions?
a) It helps us manipulate and control others.
b) Each person’s feelings are valid and deserve to be heard.
c) It prevents us from experiencing our own emotions.
d) It allows us to disregard the impact of our actions on others.

How can understanding and managing our emotions benefit us?
a) It helps us suppress our emotions completely.
b) It allows us to avoid experiencing any negative emotions.
c) It helps us develop strong relationships and navigate different situations.
d) It makes us immune to the influence of others’ emotions.

What is the overall message about emotions in the text?
a) Emotions are unnecessary and should be ignored.
b) Emotions are only important for certain people.
c) Emotions are a natural part of life and should be understood and managed.
d) Emotions are unpredictable and cannot be controlled.