Year: 2023

writing task

this is my writing task

Animation Voice Over: Fit for Purpose
WALT: write a detailed voiceover for my animation
This week we are going to create a script for our animation that we are creating with Mrs Burton. You will need to think about what your animation is showing and how you can explain to your audience what is happening and why.

Plan-Write some keywords to help when you write your sentences
Introduce your animation (this doesn’t need to be long):
What have we been learning about this term? (Inquiry topic)
Chosen sport: Describe the sport that you are showing in your animation.

Chosen sport: Describe the sport that you are showing in your animation.

Chosen sport: Describe the sport that you are showing in your animation.

Summary/ Conclusion – Thank your audience and ask for a comment to be left on your blog.

Hi my name is Ace and for this term we are leaning to animate people we had to choose a sport to animate.I choose rugby and football will you can see that my person
Is kicking a rugby ball . you can see that they are kicking the ball over the post and for my soccer animation for my soccer animation my person is dribbling the ball
Around on the ground and then they kick the ball in the goal


Response to text
What is exercise?
Use the bold (control + b) function to highlight the correct answer and write answers as required.

What is exercise?
a) Eating yummy fruits and vegetables
b) Moving your body in fun and active ways
c) Watching TV and playing video games
d) Taking long naps

How does exercise help your muscles and bones?
a) It makes them taste better
b) It helps them grow stronger
c) It makes them invisible
d) It makes them glow in the dark

What can you do to make your heart strong?
a) Eat lots of chocolate
b) Watch movies all day
c) Play video games for hours
d) Exercise and move your body

What do endorphins do when you exercise?
a) Make you sleepy
b) Make you grumpy
c) Make you happy
d) Make you invisible

How does exercise make you feel after playing a game or running around?
a) Sleepy
b) Hungry
c) Full of energy
d) Bored

What can exercise help you have at night?
a) Sweet dreams
b) Scary dreams
c) No dreams
d) Silly dreams

Which activity is NOT a fun way to exercise?
a) Playing outside
b) Having a dance party
c) Playing video games
d) Going on nature adventures

What should you do before you start exercising to keep your muscles safe?
a) Wear a superhero costume
b) Drink lots of soda
c) Warm up your muscles with gentle stretches
d) Jump into cold water

What can you do with a skipping rope?
a) Tie your shoes
b) Jump without stopping
c) Swing from trees
d) Dance like a butterfly

Why is it important to wear the right shoes and clothes when you exercise?
a) To show off your fashion sense
b) To keep you warm in winter
c) To keep you cool in summer
d) To keep you comfy and safe

How does moving your body help your brain become more active?
→ it makes your brain happy

What purpose does warming up your muscles serve before you start exercising?
→makes you flexible