Year: 2023

Ace writing task

Retell: How Tonga got its name.

WALT: retell the story of how Tonga got its name adding detail and using descriptive language.

Characters – who are the characters?
Setting – where is the story set?
Samoa on the beach next to the sea
Beginning – how does it start?
Maui travelled on a boat to samoa and met this man named tonga. He was an old and older man.
Middle – what is happening?
Maui get a hooks from the man
End – how does it end?
Maui named the island after the man

Make sure you use descriptive language to make the story more interesting. Pull the readers in to read YOUR writing, make it fun! You are going to need as much detail as you can as you will be creating a storyboard later on in the week.

Start your writing here:

→maui came to samoa and he visited this man called fakatonga. Fakatonga was a fisherman that had lots of cool hooks. Some of the hook had some red
Feathers did not choose any of the nice hooks. In fact he chose the one covered in cobwebs maui got the hook but the man said that you have to find a beautiful island and name it after me. Then maui went over to the ocean and pulled out
A big island.